Vegan Recipe: Gound Lemongrass Sauce

Ground Lemongrass Sauce 香茅末酱

The vegan recipe for Ground Lemongrass Sauce: servings – 2 Ingredients 4 stalks lemongrass (remove the hard layers and cut the bulbs into thin slices) 2 tbsp vegetable oil 1/4 cup water Seasonings 1/2 tsp salt Method Finely grind the lemongrass slices. Transfer the ground lemongrass into a pan. Add vegetable oil, water and salt; […]

Vegan Recipe: Soy Sweet Corn Bread Spread

Soy Sweet Corn Bread Spread 豆奶甜玉米面包酱

The vegan recipe for Soy Sweet Corn Bread Spread: servings – 1 cup vegan bread spread Ingredients 1 sweet corn (cut the corn kernels from the cob) 1 cup soy milk Seasonings 1/4 tsp salt Method Place the sweet corn kernels and soy milk in the blender; pulse until smooth. Transfer the sweet corn puree […]

Vegetarian Recipe: Lettuce and Cheese Sauce

Lettuce and Cheese Sauce 莴苣芝士酱

The vegetarian recipe for Lettuce and Cheese Sauce: servings – 4 Ingredients 8 lettuce leaves 4 slices vegetarian cheese 1 tbsp corn starch 1/2 cup water Seasonings 1/2 tsp salt Method Place lettuce, cheese slices and water in a blender; blend until smooth. Pour the puree into a pan. Add corn starch and salt. Stir […]

Vegan Recipe: Vegan Satay Sauce

Vegan Satay Sauce 纯素沙嗲醬

The vegan recipe for Vegan Satay Sauce: servings – 4 cups sauce Ingredients Part 1 5 chilies (cut into sections) 50 g lemongrass (peel tough skin and slice) 30 g turmeric (peel and slice) 30 g galangal (peel and slice) Grind to a fine paste. Set aside. Part 2 1 tsp cumin seeds 1 tbsp […]